Proverbs 31 Women // Glorify God in All We Do

Have you ever heard or read something and then like within a day or two someone else says the same thing to you or something super similar?

That in my book is a sign. It’s a “are you paying attention because YOU need too” kinda sign.

So that happened to me recently. From 2 different people who shared that no matter what you are doing, DO YOUR BEST AT IT.

From cleaning the house, cooking dinner, helping with homework, giving your man a back rub - SHOW UP and GIVE IT YOUR ALL. Do it with a serving heart and remember that you can glorify God and sing praise in those moments, in all moments.

After hearing that I went to read my life anchors, the one on my mirror stuck out to me. Proverbs 31:17

I just want to encourage you to change your perspective on somethings. Especially the things that are so automatic, get out of autopilot and be in the moment.

Show up and give it your all. You deserve that and so do the people who you are serving.