MUSIC IS POWERFUL TO ME. It enhance moods, changes moods, gets you pumped up, creates a calm environment . . all kinds of energy.

I have created a lot of playlists for different occasions and I encourage you to do the same. When you need to get out of that self sabotage talk , or want to create a calm environment, music can create a new type of energy & mood.


I am highlighting this song “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle. GOSH. I LOVE this song!! It is so healing and just shows such a clear example of God’s love for me. That creates so much peace for me, reminds me who I am and how God is always with me.

I’ve walked through some valleys and I have always keep hope that God will not fail me. That he will never give me more than I can handle. My eyes have been open that sometimes God uses those hard times to teach you a lesson. But this song just gives me joy even in those valleys.

“I will send out an army to find you / in the middle of the darkest night / It’s true, I will rescue you / I will never stop marchin’ to reach you / In the middle of the hardest fight / It’s true, I will rescue you”


I have been thinking of this for a while now and thought I would share with you how I deal with the unsupportive people in my life. The people who don’t get my vision, goals, and what I am working toward.

Do you have people like that in your life? It seems that the people that we love and respect the most - show up that way for us. It could be because they want to “protect us” or “don’t want us to get our hopes up” or just are “scared” that we are growing. Either way the actions, words equal not supportive.

So here is what I do to empower me to keep moving forward, despite the opinions, words, and actions of others. I use that energy as fuel to my fire.. to keep me running. I’m SHOWING them rather than TALKING about it.

First - Remember WHO your dreams & visions are for. They are yours, it’s your dream, your story. It is what creates happiness in YOUR life. If you know anything about me you would know that I strongly believe that you have to do what makes you happy.

What is on your heart isn’t for you - it’s for other people. Don’t keep your greatness within, share it. The world needs it. Imagine your darkest, hardest time in your life.. you walked though that learning a lot of lessons. maybe you saw how much stronger you thought you were. Who can you help with that experience?

Second - Being truly passionate about accomplishing your goals, that is an unstoppable force. If you TRULY were passionate about if it moves your heart so much - then you wouldn’t let the opinion of others influence your decision to move forward or not.

Third - Have Faith. Have faith that WHAT is moving your heart is what God put there. He created you, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Don’t doubt in the dark what you saw in the light.

Forth - Change your environment. If you are in a toxic environment then you NEED to get around people who lift you up and support you. You need a group to call, on the days when it is hard to push through because of something that was said or not said, the actions of others, ect. You need that group to remind you of the badass that you are, the chain breaker, the one who is changing unhealthy habits . . you know what it is. Find that group and hold them tight.

Lastly - Don’t give up. You already know what it feels like to give up, to not accomplish your goals. Be that person in your family or your circle, that changes the game. That puts your family on another level, that creates a healthy environment for your children to thrive in. Don’t give up - and remember that you have come so far from who you were even just 6 months ago.

Show your kids, your niece, nephews whoever - show them that despite what others say about their dreams and goals isn’t for them to decide. Their future should not be based on others peoples opinions. Tell them to follow their heart, and SHOW them that.

Make it happen. Keep moving towards your goals. You can do it!