That Voice in Your Head // Remind it Who is Boss

What does your voice tell you in your head? It is mainly negative or positive talk? Does it pump you up or remind you of the past experiences?

Let me share with some tools I have learned about that voice in my head. When you learn how to shove that voice back, push past it & fill your head with other positive uplifting thoughts - You experience an empowering feeling. #Worththework

That voice speaks to things that you most insecure about. UGH. That is never good and leaves me feeling yucky and unconfident. We hear it so much it’s like white noise . . we just go through the motions and roll with what is playing in our head.

I had the privilege of going to Rachel Hollis’ RISE in Dallas this year. SO GREAT!! I recommend that to anyone who follows her - it is worth the experience to be fully immersed in that environment.

So she talked about that inner voice, how to deal with it. So here is a mini recap with an Amy Hollis spin on it.

1st - Give that voice a physical appearance and NAME her or him. Whoever that is for you. Talk back to that voice and remind them how much you are a badass and all the things you have done.

2nd - STOP allowing that talk to continue. Would you allow someone who you didn’t know talk to you like that? Telling you how incapable you are, how you don’t even know what your doing, your the worst mom and wife, remember that one time you failed .. You get it. What would you DO or SAY to that person?

There is NO WAY I would allow anyone talk to me like that.


3rd - Here is the BIG one. Catch yourself!! When you hear & FEEL those negative thoughts come on S T O P!! You are in control of your mind and attitude!!

You gotta STOP DROP SHUT IT DOWN. Do something to snap you out of those thoughts . . and get back to being in control. So freaking fast you are able to change your mood. Put on YOUR Song, Take a Power Pose, 5,4,3,2,1 Dance for 30 seconds!! Figure out what works for you! BUT DO IT.

Think - is this serving me or robbing me?

You can do this girlfriend, I believe in you.